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You can actually improve your memory
at any age - new research

A look at the problem...
...and progress toward solving it
Brain Power: 6 Ways to Improve Memory

(DGIwire) – We all know the natural aging process can cause memory to
deteriorate. This said, just because your hair hasn’t turned a bit gray and
your face has no wrinkles, a youthful brain doesn’t come with a memory
guarantee. Although aging can certainly affect your ability to remember
what you ate for dinner last night—the ticking years are just one factor
contributing to memory loss.   If you’d like to keep functioning at optimum
power, keep reading. Here are six proven ways you can help your brain’s
performance, including recall, at any time of your life.

1) Build relaxation into your day.

Stress triggers the release of cortisol, which can impact your brain’s ability
to recall recent memories. Some research seems to indicate that chronic
stress may make the part of your brain that handles recent memories shrink.
Deep breathing, a walk around the block, exercise, play, conversation with
friends and laughter are great ways to add relaxation into your day. If you
find yourself getting stressed during the workday, be sure to exit to the
nearest bathroom stall for some deep breathing with your eyes closed.
Even one concentrated minute of deep breathing can be effective.

2) If you smoke, QUIT!

In case you’ve missed every non-smoking advertisement during the past
two decades, consider this message: There is no upside to cigarette
smoking.   Smoking cigarettes alters the blood flow in your veins, which
can then reduce the flow of oxygenated blood to your brain.   Less oxygen
in your brain = less ability to function ideally.   End result? Brain power and
memory are ultimately reduced.

3) Don’t self medicate with illegal drugs and follow prescription directions.

You may recall those ads with the egg cooking up in the frying pan with
the simple slogan: “This is your brain on drugs.” There are good reasons
why you should just say no to illegal drugs. They fry your brain and this
includes your memory you’ll wish you could find either later today or
sometime in the future. On the same note, if you’ve been prescribed any
medication by your doctor—follow the instructions.   Doing otherwise can
be harmful.

4) Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Optimal nutrition is directly related to brain function.   If your brain is
regularly deprived of nutrients for any extended period of time, cognitive
functioning and memory are going to start to fail. Add three to five fruits
and vegetables to your diet daily and not only will your brain benefit, there’s
a good possibility that the rest of your body will benefit, too!

5) Exercise Your Brain

Whether you like crossword puzzles, recalling math skills and formulas,
reciting the Table of Elements or playing Scrabble—exercise your brain.
The more you educate yourself, forcing your brain to learn and recall, the
greater the odds of keeping memory function working as well as possible
as natural aging occurs.

6) Protect Your Noggin

Physically protecting your brain is paramount.   You can do all the memory
exercises you can find on the internet—if you don’t do what you can to
prevent head injury—well, that’s just plain silly. Wear your seatbelt when
driving. Use a helmet when you relax and take a bike ride. Don’t take up
skateboarding with only a five-panel…put on the helmet!

Every day time passes and we add to our memory bank. These simple

tips alone and collectively can help to recall yesterday a bit more clearly.

Authored by Dian Griesel, Ph.D., President of Dian Griesel Int’l.