As an animal lover , I believe strongly in animal rights and will do everything
in my authority to protect them from cruelty. I will ensure offenders who neglect
or abuse an animal in Highlands County receive the fullest prosecution under
Florida Statutes.

As your Sheriff, I would like to see Highlands County Animal Control join the
Sheriff's Office's Agricultural Crime Unit which desperately needs increased
manpower. I will maintain a staff of qualified Animal Control Officers and
volunteers to partner with law enforcement to provide public safety, animal
welfare, & to enforce state statutes and ordinances.

What are some of the benefits of having Animal Control Services combined
with the Sheriff’s Office?

1. Having Animal Control working closely with law enforcement ensures a
quicker response to get potentially dangerous animals captured as quickly
and safely as possible.

2. We will offer education to the public in regards to the importance of
vaccinations and spay/neutering their pets. Also, we will help educate pet
owners on proper living environments, fencing, and leash law awareness,
thereby promoting responsible pet ownership.

3. Our deputies will receive the best training in detecting animal abuse and
neglect. Typically where you find animal abuse/neglect situations, you may
find possible child abuse/neglect and/or domestic violence issues.

James Fansler
Republican Candidate for Highlands County Sheriff

Lake Placid FL 33852

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